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The Science behind Our Shoes

Prototype Testing Video

More Control

The Stance Phase of the running gait is when the foot is touching the ground.  It is considered the most important phase of the gait cycle because this is when the foot and leg bear the weight of the body. 
The Stance Phase can be divided into three stages: the Initial Contact, the Midstance and the Propulsion.

The Adaptive Soles of Ulysses running shoes are designed to minimize the three dominant injurious tendencies that fatigued amateur runners  develop. Acute or chronic pain can result when the heel strikes during contact with the ground, pronation during mid stance and unbalanced toe off  during propulsion.

running man syloutte stride landing phase
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Shoe heel landing Icon
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Shoe natural adaptive running system icon
running man syloutte stride support phase
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running man syloutte stride toe off phase
Shoe propulsion foot ball area icon
Gruop of runners in the city
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FIS: First Impact Spoiler

First Impact Spoiler on the rear lateral portion of the heel corrects the stride landing, bringing the foot to its natural position sooner when contacting the ground, limiting shocks and relative plantar fasciitis traumas.

Every feature in our product has a reason to be. We engineer technical products with no room for “extra fluff ”. Every detail has a functional meaning. Every piece of the shoe is painstakingly designed to solve a problem in a better way, creating a superior product that makes you look and feel like a seasoned pro.  Ulysses innovated and unique design emphasizes proportion, rhythm and balance working together to create an appealing and functional design for everyone.   

Syloutte of lower leg firts contact during gait
Shoe heel landing Icon

Less Shocks

Jogging in Holland
non pronating athlete lower leg syloutte with podometric pressure during stance

Typical Non Pronating athlete pedometric pressure during mid stance

The NARS midsole  performs as NEUTRAL MIDSOLE

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NARS: Natural Adaptive Running System

Our patented design neutral midsole with its progressive compression produces the needed support for overpronating athletes, while maintaining the light weight and perfect fit of a neutral shoe for non pronating athletes

We are aware that nature cannot be “perfected” by human intervention. We do not share the message given in the last 30 years regarding the “correction of pronation“. We approached the problem analyzing how most professional athletes run, and the surprising result was that most athletes “pronate“. We also discovered that running with one type of stride or another does not have a complete correspondence with subject to injury.

pronating athlete lower leg syloutte with podometric pressure during stance

Typical Hyper Pronating athlete pedometric pressure during mid stance

The NARS midsole offers the needed support and performs as STABILITY  MIDSOLE

Run As your Nature Wants

Shoe natural adaptive running system icon
athlete lower leg syloutte with podometric pressure during toe off
Shoe propulsion foot ball area icon

Power toe off

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Nunnehi: the running Spirit

The “Running Spirit” area, just under the foot ball, has been designed with the proper amount of flex, cushion and energy return to promote correct strides reducing foot fatigue.

Propulsion is the final stage of the stance phase. It begins immediately as the heel lifts off the ground. As the big toe turns upwards (dorsiflexes) the windlass mechanism comes into play, tightening the plantar fascia and helping to raise the arch of the foot. This mechanism is very important as it allows the foot to act as an efficient lever.

The Ulysses midsole will flex & compress progressively following the runner posture across the whole propulsion phase, minimizing  injury in the big toe joint and ligaments area.

Blue Plastic Granules



Our G-Foam made of state of the-art Nitrogen infused Supercritical EVA offers the perfect combination of cushioning, support, stability and rebound while keeping weight to a minimum.


When we started this project, we asked each other what were our strengths and weaknesses. How can we develop an athletic shoe that will revolutionize the way people approach running.  How can we use technology and design to create a product that is advantageous and sleek.  We knew the best quality products are made through oversea manufacturers.  Ulysses was born as we focused in on our core competencies and looked for the best partners in the industry to realize our vision.

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