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Road in the forest

...For most people 2020 will be remembered as the year of the pandemic, timeless days spent at home wearing masks, with the uncertainty of what the future could bring.
For us, 2020 is the year Ulysses Running Co. was founded.
As always happens friends talking about their passion, a napkin sketch and an idea is born.

The timing wasn’t exactly ideal. We endured many challenges, we never gave up, we have never stop!


After years of development and real life testing spent investigating the medical sector to recognize the mechanics of the most recurrent running injuries as Achilles Tendonitis and Plantar Fasciitis, we laid the basis for the functioning of our NARS patented midsole.
Now at Ulysses Running Co. we design, engineer, manufacture and sell high quality technical core running pro-ducts as running shoes and running gear.

We didn’t need to do it, we just wanted to do it!

…too many times on major newspapers or televisions we are greeted with lines reciting the latest evolving issues of major scandals!


Officials' bribery, conflict of interests, lawsuits for product failures, cover up of environmental disasters, unsafe working conditions done with child labor, etc. etc.

These are just a few of the issues fueled by greed and the continuous pursuit of maximizing profits.


The new business paradigm imposed by the globalization era and  cross-cultural issues results in different ways of doing business;  affecting the very soul of business enterprises.

group of coworkers doinig business

Ulysses Running Co. must focus on the PURPOSE not the PROFITS! 


This is our obligation: do business in a transparent  responsible and sustainable way!

Ulysses Team

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