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Maikoh directiojnal cleats sole
Maikoh trail running Shoe in blue color scheme
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MAIKOH is the perfect companion for your offroad running activities. Made with Hight resistance nylon rip stop vamp and a directional grip full length rubber sole prearranged for ice spikes, you can abuse them for long time to come in any weather condition.

Unisex size:
4-14 USM
+1/2 sizes

Shoe Size icon

Weight (size 10 ½):

318 g ± 2
(11.2 oz ± 0.07)

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6 mm

Shoe Drop Icon

Claw Grip

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•  100% recycled laces
•  Ensole™ 6 mm Asker “C” 40˚ partially recycled EVA

We need to protect the earth, for us and future generations! Our resources are not infinite. Water is too often squandered, paying little attention to its waste. In many countries energy is still used in irresponsible ways related to old manufacturing processes. We pledge to save water, energy and reduce our carbon footprint. We will continuously investigate in new recycling techniques, and better processes to reduce use of fossil fuels.


Shoe propulsion foot ball area icon


The “Running Spirit” area, just under the foot ball, has been designed with the proper amount of flex, cushion and energy return to promote correct strides reducing foot fatigue.

NARS: Natural Adaptive Running System

Our patented design neutral midsole with its progressive compression produces the needed support for overpronating athletes, while maintaining the light weight and perfect fit of a neutral shoe for non pronating athletes.

Shoe natural adaptive running system icon
Shoe Upper rip stop nylon icon

HS420D Nylon rip-stop

To ensure long durability during outdoor use, we selected a heavy-duty rip stop nylon fabric.


First Impact Spoiler on the rear lateral portion of the heel corrects the stride landing, bringing the foot to its natural position sooner when contacting the ground, limiting shocks and relative plantar fasciitis traumas.

Shoe heel landing Icon
Shoe Trail running sole icon

Claw Grip

This rubber compound material is specifically formulated to best work on loose terrain and in the typical temperature ranges of most outdoor environments returning a stable ground contact.


Shoe Standard Last icon


Our last measured on USM sizes and C width, is based on scientific statistical studies using 3D foot scanning, aiming to better fit the ethnic groups of Europe and North America. Our last will ensure precise fit increased ground feeling and reduced chafing


Differentiated Lacing Tension uses the same functioning principle of the tent line strainers. The double eyelet on the second lace permits lower tension on the second metatarsal area promoting blood circulation even during the longest sessions

Lacing System Icon
Shoe partially recicled  insole icon


Our partially recycled EVA insole offers great compromise between cushioning and energy return.


Our internal heel shell counter shape offers lateral support and is scalloped on the calcaneus area, minimizing the contact area, which in conjunction with the extra soft lining helps preventing Achilles tendonitis.

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Maikoh Trail running shoe in grey color scheme
Maikoh Trail running shoe in black color scheme
Maikoh Trail running shoe in blue color scheme




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