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  • What size do i need?
    Ulysses Running Shoes are born following the USM (United States Men (sizing Chart). Our size mark and box sticker represent the measurement for MEN and WOMEN. If you're unsure which size you wear in our footwear or apparel, each product page has a size chart and fit recommendation. On all our Models models, our standard recommendation is half size bigger than your everyday shoe size. The size mark and stickers are also representing the length in millimeters, so you can also measure your foot by standing barefoot with your heel against a wall, and then adding about 5 mm to your measured size for an indication of what size will work for you.
  • How long will a pair of Ulysses Running usually last?
    It depends on many factors, such as running style, weight, and the surface you run on. But generally, running shoes (not just Ulysses shoes) last up to 250-300 miles (approx. 402-482 km) depending on the model and materials used. For example, some of our styles, such as the MAIKOH, are designed for high-performance trail running, so naturally, their sole is not as hard as the one used on the HONI, so they won't have the same durability of them.
  • Can Ulysses Shoes be used for walking?
    Ulysses Running shoes were designed specifically for running purposes, they are excellent for all-day comfort and can be used for walking, exploring, or mixed workouts. You can Contact Us to ask for advice about which shoe is the best for your needs!
  • Do you offer wide sizes?
    Our last measured on USM sizes and C width, is based on scientific statistical studies using 3D foot scanning, aiming to better fit the ethnic groups of Europe and North America. Our last will ensure precise fit increased ground feeling and reduced chafing. The closest fit we can think of is between a HOKA clifton and a BROOKS Adrenaline.
  • Are Ulysses Running Shoes soles slip resistant?
    Ulysses Running Shoes soles are NOT slip-resistant. That materially usually used in safety boots will not perform well in light running shoes. Our shoes soles are designed with emphasis on traction, durability and overall performance, but we do not offer a nonslip model at this time.
  • Are your shoes machine washable?
    Ulysses Running Shoes are engineered and designed using the best material to deliver long lasting performances. We suggest not to machine wash you shoes because it might be convenient, but the high temperature and the continuous tumbling is the hardest process on all materials. With a little TLC your shoes will last a long time! We suggest you: Remove the shoelaces and the insoles, and clean and dry them separately Brush the bottom of your shoes to remove as much mud and dirt as possible. Gently use a damp cloth or brush to clean the uppers. Rinse with warm water. To better maintain shape stuff your shoes with newspaper. This helps them maintain shape and decreases drying time. If you really have machine wash your shoes please remember the high temperature is the biggest enemy here so: Remove the shoelaces Remove the sock liner (not a requirement) Place the shoes + laces in the washing machine Add a very small amount of laundry detergent Wash using cold water Air dry away from direct sunlight Run WILD!
  • Can different insole be used with Ulysses running Shoes?
    Yes, we use top of the line partially recycled insole, but the fit is large enough for you to use several insoles. Our models are used by many podiatrists and physicians which are retrofitting our shoes with custom insoles.
  • Do you sell gear?
    Unfortunately NOT YET! But it is not a secret anymore our technical department is testing different sets of pants, shirts, tops, and other very exciting gear. So stay tuned because soon in 2024 the gear collection will be lunched.
  • What countries do you ship to?
    We ship to about 50 countries around the world and are always hoping to add more. You can select your shipping location at the bottom of any webshop page, but remember the shipping cost outside of USA are on you!
  • How do I track my order?
    Visit our Order Lookup page to track your order! You will need your order number and email address to track your order.
  • Why isn't my tracking number working?
    Tracking Numbers can take 24-48 hours once shipped to generate the details within the label in case you are seeing limited information. If your package has not shipped yet it may not show any tracking information until processed.
  • Tracking says my package was delivered, but I haven't received my order.
    f your package tracking information is showing as delivered but you cannot locate your package there are a few things we suggest you try: Check around your property - sometimes delivery workers will try and place a package in a location that is less visible to passers-by. Ask your friends/family/neighbors or any leasing or office staff in your building to see if they may have received it by mistake. Verify the address on your order to make sure there are no errors/typos.
  • How long will it take for may order to be processed and be delivered?
    We'll need a little time to process your order at our warehouses. We send a shipping confirmation email at shipment with tracking details and carrier information. We want you to enjoy your Ulysses running Shoes as quickly as possible, so we try to get you the goods quickly, but you must understand we are not the post office, our carriers work independently from Ulysses Ruining and we do not control them. We provide estimated delivery dates at checkout.
  • What is Ulysses running Sustainability Mission?
    We need to protect the earth, for us and future generations! Our resources are not infinite. Water is too often misused, paying little attention to its waste. In many countries energy is still used in irresponsible ways related to old manufacturing processes. We pledge to save water, energy and reduce our carbon footprint. We will continuously investigate in new recycling techniques, and better processes to reduce use of fossil fuels.
  • Do you have a shoe recycling program?
    Unfortunately not yet. The recycling of a running shoe is unfortunately a complicated tasks as the many components, mainly made of different plastic materials very rarely can be recycled other words we would have to disassemble the shoe to proper recycle it. However, we believe that recycling is important and encourage our athletes to take an easier route and to donate their old shoes, as the old saying goes: one man's trash is another man's treasure. Here are two trusted resources for all of your recycling needs: American Textile Recycling Service & Soles4Souls
  • What are your shoes made of?
    We use Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) midsoles across the product line, and Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) in our outsoles. The upper is a composition of various Recycled post-consumer polyester, Recycled pre-consumer polyamide, Polyurethane. All material come with GRS (global Recycle Standard) 4.0 certifications.
  • Does your shoes contain harmful substances?
    Absolutely not! Our Shoes meet strict quality standards and are routinely tested following ISO standard to make suer that heavy metals as Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, Hexavalent Chromium, and Phthalates are not dtectables.
  • Does Ulysses running use recycled materials?
    Yes, as part of our strategy to lower our environmental impact, we're constantly increasing the amount of recycled materials we use. To date we use partially recycle post-consumer polyester, and nylon in different parts of the upper.
  • What material are your packaging made of?
    Ulysses running uses 100% recycled carboard boxes, labels and wrapping papare.
  • Where is your product manufactured?
    Ulysses' Supplier are the best in the industries for practices and quality. They are located in China and Vietnam.
  • is it safe to use my credit card on your web page?
    There’s absolutely no need to worry here: our online shop incorporates the very latest secure technology.
  • Will my personal data kept confidential?
    You can rest assured about it. We sell shoes not contact information. We will treat any data you provide us with as strictly confidential. Needless to say, we won't pass such data on to any third party. You’ll find full details of our privacy policy page.
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